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AR-16 is the brainchild of a few core individuals with over 20 years of music making experience. We have developed a vast understanding and appreciation of musical culture that extends beyond our city, our state, and even our nation. This appreciation has led us to be indiscriminate and not only accepting, but inviting artist from all walks of life and all experience levels, from the novice to the veteran. Though hip hop is the foundation of AR-16, it is not the margin.


Our goal is to touch lives through many different types of music; R&B, Rock, Country, Reggaeton, Spoken Word, Etc. Whatever rhythm or ballad you are into, it's all music. It's all rhyming. And it's all a combination of instrumental sounds and written bars. Hence the term AR-16 (Always Rhyming-16 bars). However, music is not the boundary of AR-16. It is merely the frontman for the movement.

Here at AR Studios we are a team comprised of not only musicians and producers, but of actors, filmmakers, videographers, fashion designers, location Scouts, and more. We've all put our talents together, not only for the love of the Arts but for the love of people. And what better way to bring people together than over a jamming beat. Harmony is more than a musical term, it is the idea of togetherness. Togetherness is what we strive for. In a time in our world, and specifically, our Nation, where we are so divided, ironically, we are so "together" when it comes to the art and appreciation of music. The concept of "genre" is quickly dying out in this new time we live. The new generation no longer subscribes to titles, labels, or styles. They only do what feels good. And it shows with the music they listen to; because, simply put....Music Feels Good! And Music and feeling good is what AR-16 radio is all about. AR-16 is not a's not a style... it's not an album...It's a movement! Join the movement!

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